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    We are all professionals.
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    Custom-made lessons
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    Small group lessons
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"HKO Japanese lessons" is your facilitator.  We provide both individual and group Japanese lessons.  You can learn, talk, enjoy and improve a lot!  Let's get started !

Travel Conversation


General Course

General Course

for Domestic Helpers

.Upgrade Yourself with Japanese skills.  Get Started with HKOJapanese today!

Do you like Japanese traditional culture or pop culture?

If you like Japanese music, TV shows, movies, cuisines, fashions, animations, technologies and you love travelling in Japan,  why don't you start learning Japanese language today? Once you can start speaking and reading Japanese, even for just a few sentences, you will get to know a lot more about the great things in Japanese culture.  What are you waiting for? Upgrade yourself with Japanese skills now and get started with HKOJapanese today!