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Konnichiwa !

I am Hisako Kon, Managing Director of HKO ARIGATOO LIMITED.  Thank you for visiting our website.  I have been in Hong Kong since 2009 as a Japanese teacher.  In 2017,  I established “ HKO ARIGATOO LIMITED”.


Let me introduce my company name here.  HKO has two meanings, one is "Hong Kong", and the other is from my name Hisako Kon.  It’s probably some kind of destiny that 3 alphabets in "Hong kong" and my name are the same.  “ARIGATOO” means “ Thank you” in Japanese.  I think the word is familiar among foreigners, and I would like to express my appreciate to people who are supporting me all the time.

Currently, there are two other business divisions in HKO ARIGATOO LIMITED besides HKO Japanese, they are HKO Translations and HKO Arigatoo Phil Maids.

About HKOJapanese

Each year, many people are visiting Japan and enjoying our culture.  I am very happy my country is loved by foreigners.  “HKO Japanese lessons” can help you for enjoying communicate with people, passing exams, understanding our culture and so on.  We are all professionals teachers. The ways of studying are different depend on students motives of learning.  So we will listen your requests carefully.  Let’s enjoy studying!