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General Course for Domestic Helpers

"General Course for Domestic Helpers" for people who wish to use Japanese for work and hobby.

You can communicate with people by simple sentences after learning.  After that why don't you challenge to take JLPT test?  If you are interested in working for Japanese family in Hong Kong, working in Japan as a helper or trainee, HKO Arigatoo Phil Maids can offer advisory services to you too.

What's more, we understand that you may need a certificate to show your employers your ability in Japanese, therefore we are happy to offer you our Certificate of Completion.  Simply contact us to apply for the certificate after you have completed at least 10 hours of lessons in HKOJapanese.


500HKD per course

5 times / 10 hours

*50HKD for lesson materials (if required)

Pay in advance

GENKI 1  Step 1 - Step 6


GENKI 2  Step 7 - Step 12


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Japanese characters - Hiragana - Katakana/ Numbers 

/Times / Greeting & Self Introduction Money / and more



Talk about your daily life/ Explain your hobby /

 Invite your friends some activity /Describe the things / 

Talk about what you did/Days,Weeks,Months,Years / and more



Tell your opinions/Explain your fafovite things/Requests



SOLO/ Sai Yung Pun

How to reach: Exit A2 and walk for 10 minutes





18,25 on Nov

2,9 and 16 on Dec



Step1/ GCH181101A



★Step2/ GCH181102A



★Step3/ GCH181103A





Payment methods


1. Please send us the online application form


2. We will contact you after receiving your request within 3 days


3. Please come to my office for paying and receiving your materials






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