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HKO Japanese lessons triangle relationships




(STH Relationship)

HKO is more than simply connecting teachers and students.

You make a contract  with HKO Japanese lessons.

So we won't leave your all support to your teacher after starting your course.

Both teacher and HKO Japanese support your study project together!

When you renew your course, you can change your requests as well.

  e.g / places, day of the weeks, times and so on

But if you want to change anything during your contract,

you can ask your teacher and if both of you can agree of it,

of course you can change it.

But, if either one can not agree of it, the contents of the course are fixed

upon the first contract between you and HKO Japanese.

We can not grant your refund request.

If you get the refund from us, you can not buy another course within 90days.

If the reason is caused from our teachers, we can listen your requests again 

and try new arrangement or grant your refund request immediately.