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Students Voice

Norette さん

こんにちは (Hello)

私はノレッテです。フランス人です。(I am Norette. I am French.)日本語の勉強をします。( I study Japanese)  I started studying Japanese with Kon sensei one year ago.  I now know “Hiragana”and “Katakana”.  Kon sensei is a very good Japanese teacher.  She is native from Nihon which is a big plus.  I highly recommend her classes. Learning with her is interested in and fun!  ありがとうございます (Thank you very much)

Ben さん

It's always my dream to be able to speak Japanese and I like Hisako sensei's lesson.  As she can teach me on one-to-one basis and her tuition fee is reasonable.  久子先生の授業はいつも楽しいです。話す機会がたくさんあります。(Hisako sensei’s lessons are always enjoyable. I have a lot of opportunities to speak)

Wendy さん


(The motivation for studying Japanese is that I liked Japanese drama and TV programs.)

Kon sensei is the experienced teacher in teaching Japanese grammar.  She always mentions the lessons interested in motivate me to speak a lot.  Thanks for Kon sensei, I passed the JLPT N3.

Winne さん

Hisako san is a professional and thoughtful tutor. She is capable to adjust the page to cater to my specific needs, my strengths and weaknesses.  She is friendly, knowledgable and very flexiable.  I am more than happy from me to pick the tution time that suits my busy schedule.  The time devoted to conversation is critically efficient and enjoyable.

Josh さん

Hi, I am Josh.  I learn Japanese because I like Japanese culture and the reason why I chose Hisako sensei to teach me is because she has many qualifications in teaching Japanese.  I found her lesson very interesting and the use of the textbook "Genki" is very helpful to my study.

Billy さん

Lessons with Kon San are engaging and fun.  She will give you the Japanese set you need to speak with confidence.  I have no hesitation recommending Kon san to any body who wants to improve or to learn Japanese.

Monica さん

I would like to learn simple conversation of Japanese.  Hisako san delivers it.  She understands what I need and makes things easy for me by teaching me simple sentences with a bit of gramma when needed.  Hisako san is very patient and doesn't get annoyed by my silly questions about Japanese custom and culture.  I enjoy her lesson very much.

Meiji さん

 I like to choose lesson with Hisako san as because she is very friendly and calm and knowledgable about Japanese language.  The one-to-one lesson arose my interest in Japanese and I have all fun time with Hisako san in learning Japanese. And all the phases, verbs and vocaburary that I learnt from her are very useful in real life and I can really use in Japan.

Siobhon さん

I am studying Japanese because I like travelling to Japan and the Japanese culture. Kon Sensei is a nice teacher. She encourages me to speak more Japanese and teaches me a lot about Japanese language and culture.

Frank さん


The reason why I study Japanese is because I like traveling in Japan. It is convenient if you can speak Japanese when traveling in Japan. I would like to go shopping in Tokyo and ski in Hokkaido.