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Why us?

We want to ensure that you will have the finest learning experiences with us in HKOJapanese and therefore we look into the quality of our teachers carefully.  For your reference, in below you can read the recruitment standard as for being a teacher in HKOJapanese.  

《 Recruitment standard as for teachers 》

Our teachers have these kind of certificates:

・Certificate of bachelor's degree in Japanese language education
・Certificate of Result, the 420 hour Advanced Skills of Teaching Japanese Language Course
・Certificate of Results, Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
・Certificate of Results, Japanese Language Teachers’ Examination administered by The Japanese Language Teachers’ Educational Council
・Certificate of Results, the experience teaching Japanese at school at least 1 year.

・Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test; JLPT N1 (All non native teachers have)

・Our teachers can speak other languages (conversational levels or above)

・Our teachers speak beautiful accent and intonations (Both natives and non-natives)

・Our teachers are all professionals

Which teacher would you like to get?

Natives or Non-natives?

HKO Japanese lessons won’t hire people who are just natives.

Because they don’t know the process of improving Japanese language.
Native Japanese speakers and Japanese teachers are different.
Our recruitment standards are strict for students who selected  our service.
You can find real professional teacher here.

Merit of native Japanese teachers

・They have a lot of vocabularies and expressions
・They learnt about teaching Japanese for foreigners
・They know a lot of Japanese cultures
・They get language skills as native languages

Merit of non-native Japanese teachers

・They know the process of language acquisition and acquired themselves
・They can explain well using by other languages
・They selected Japanese Languages from many kind of languages like you,
    they like Japan very much.